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At dibdib media we create individual web and design solutions for bigger and smaller projects. We do everything from concept, to design, to a user friendly application. And, if you would like to sell your products online or start a web portal, we have the right solution for you. Individual programming, standard systems, open source etc. it is about making the choices, that fit your needs. While your realistic target parameters are the foundation for an efficient collaboration, your success is our motivation.

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web technologies for individual designs. the right service für media creators

Webtechnologies, apps for a diversity of mobile device, apps for TV, POS, etc.,the range of services is growing rapidly. For small and medium sized projects it is difficult split the budget between concept/design and technology. More money for technology means less time for the creative part of your job.

We can help.

Create your layouts and templates (if you want). When all necessary data is collected we will start production. and in case of a CMS for example, you will get a running system you can log into, configure everything to your needs and done. 

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